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Benefits of LESAT


  • LESAT would provide a unique and useful evidence of a candidate's reasoning ability and communication skills. The LESAT would be a computer-based assessment that would deliver instant results. Lawyers would be profiled using standardised and validated pre employment test.
  • LESAT will be a catalyst for greater employment of Law Graduates by helping Law firms surmount the screening challenge while still providing them with an objective means to identify preferred talent bringing to bear the noble ideals of meritocracy and equal opportunity.
  • The LESAT will drastically change the status quo and proffer a lasting solution to the challenges of Law firms and Lawyers.


  • LESAT would give Law firms access to a large pool of already profiled graduate Lawyers whose aptitude to excel in the Legal Profession has been tested.
  • Law Firms no longer need to pay to invite candidates from across the country to take a test, as the LESAT would be available in Dragnet accredited centres across the Country.
  • It would help curb the huge challenges faced by Law firms in dealing with large numbers of applications from Lawyers as the LESAT scores would facilitate shortlisting.
  • It would enable Law firms to uphold the tenants of transparency and equal opportunities in their recruitment process by giving every Lawyer the chance to showcase their abilities.
  • The LESAT will make the task of assessment, ranking and selection much easier


  • It would give Lawyers the opportunity to showcase their intellectual capabilities and potentials for workplace productivity.
  • Applicants who have sat for the LESAT can forward their test score to any of the LESAT participating firms of their choice and the score would remain valid for the 12 calendar months.
  • The LESAT score empowers an applicant to apply to multiple Law firms.
  • Applicants don’t have to travel long distance to take the test. Applicants can walk into any of the Dragnet accredited centres and take a test after being scheduled on the LESAT Portal Site.
  • Applicants can have a test score that enhances their profile and sets them apart from others.
  • The LESAT would be available to Lawyers at home and abroad.